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Welcome to our Funeral Home

Renner Funeral HomesWelcome to the website of Renner Funeral Homes. We hope that you will find the information on the following pages to be a useful tool in making decisions regarding the funeral process.

While we embrace the honored traditions of the past, we are committed to exploring new ways in which we can serve the families of our community. It is this philosophy that enables Renner Funeral Homes to offer you all of the things you may want (or need) in a full-service funeral home in Belleville, Illinois.

Our family strives to provide the best of available services and options to our community. We work hard to accommodate the needs and requests of everyone we serve, so you can be confident that no matter what plans you have, we’ll be able to help.

Whether you have an immediate need or are just making plans for the future, please let us know how we can assist you.

We can offer Funeral Services in Belleville, Illinois as well as Funeral Services in Freeburg, Illinois and Funeral Services in Smithton, Illinois.


Irene Flassig

Died: 4/26/2016


Arlie Proctor

Died: 4/26/2016


Virgil Eichenseer

Died: 4/21/2016


Dolores Kessler

Died: 4/25/2016


Edward Wild

Died: 4/25/2016


Janice Wiley

Died: 4/20/2016


Mahlon Wallace

Died: 3/4/2016


Gwendolyn Poole

Died: 4/20/2016


Helen Galati

Died: 4/20/2016


Margaret Reichling Sutton

Died: 4/17/2016


Howard Emery

Died: 4/3/2016

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